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Dr. Phillip & Diann Crow

PO Box178
Mansfield, Texas

Phone: (214) 675-4581



These needs presented, are to be prayed for.
Please contact us to know more about them.

  1. Pray for more souls to be saved!

  2.  This ministry is a faith based ministry, relying on God and His people, for support. Pray for more monthly   supporting churches for this ministry.  Maybe God wants you to support us through
    your local church.  Thank you's to all who believe in this ministry enough, to support us.

  3. The cabinets in the fifth wheel need to be re-stained.

  4. We have some leaks on the 5th Wheel roof.  I patch them as I can.

  5. We now have a 2005 Ford truck that is doing well for us.  Pray for funds to keep it in good shape.  Tires, oil changes, filters, hoses, belts, etc.     

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