Spring Newsletter

Praise the Lord for another year to serve Him in this ministry. 2019 entered with a rush and we’re already into the second quarter.  “Boy Oh Boy”!  In January, we ministered in 4 churches.   Lk. City Baptist Temple, Lk. City, Fl., was our first church. Great services on the 3rd & 5th! We were parked there, in our 5th wheel, for 3 weeks because I had come down with shingles on Friday before Christmas. We had to cancel the 2nd and 3rd weeks meetings because the pain had become too intense in my chest. But, Gods’ grace gave me the strength to finish the month with a concert at Calvary Baptist, Melbourne, with us and the Puffers on the 26th, S. Babcock St. Baptist, Palm Bay, on the 27th and FBC Melbourne Beach on the 30th. Pastor Al Jones at FBC was initially one of the Pastors responsible for bringing us to Florida in 1991.  On a sad note, we had to have our 14 yr old Shih-tzu, Candy put down on the 28th. She had cancer. We miss her, but we still have Baby, our 17 mo old Yorkshire Terrior-ist. Thank the Lord for this little blessing who loves us unconditionally.

    In February, we ministered in 7 churches, still in Florida. On the 1st, we did a concert service, where I preached mini-sermons between the songs, for the Super Sr.’s at Volusia County Baptist, Orange City. All of our concerts and meetings lead to an invitation time.  On the 3rd, we were at Faith Baptist, Holly Hill. We were blessed to see several people come to the altar making decisions for Christ. On Feb.10th, we were at Slater Rd. Baptist, North Ft. Myers, in the morning, then, went to Consulate Care Sr Center with Pastor Leland for an afternoon service. What a blessing to sing to these precious people. While we were in N. Ft. Myers, the Lord answered my wifes prayer for a new kitchen sink. Our old 5th wheel trailer was 19 yrs old. Mrs. Diann said it should be in the Ginness World Record for lasting as long as it has on the road. Most 5th wheel trailers last 5  years the way we travel. The new sink came with a newer 5th wheel. A  2014, 30 ft., Open Range Light. The Lord took care of all the details His way. PTL. During the move transition, we drove our truck to Lighthouse Baptist, Lk. Wales, on the17th  to minister. We had a blessed day with many people at the altar during the invitations.   We were able to finish the move during the next week, leaving at least half of it’s contents and our old trailer at the church. They were able to sell it and purchase  badly needed carpet and paint for their auditorium. WHAT A BLESSING!   We went to Morning Star Baptist, Old Town, on the 24th for the AM services. Pastor Peterson helped us to purchase our Ford truck last year. We did a concert service in the PM at FBC, Inglis.                

    Moving on to March where we were able to minister in 9 churches, a school and 2 Sr Assisted Living Centers.  On the 3rd, we were at Countryside Baptist, Lk City, in the morning and Northside Baptist in the PM service. These were both new churches for us, but the people were very receptive to our ministry. PTL. I preached on the 6th for Pastor Heston, LK. City Bapt. Temple, a long time friend. Then, we did a concert for the chapel  service at Tabernacle Baptist School, Live Oak, on the 8th. We were able to minister at Tabernacle Baptist on the 10th for their Anniversary services. This has been an annual event for us for many years. I also preached for Pastor Roser, there, on the 13th. Another long time friend in the Lord.  The 17th, we were at Friendship Baptist, Jasper, in the AM and Calvary Baptist, Live Oak, in the PM where many more people came to the altar to make decisions for Christ.  On the 21st, we did a concert at The Pine Grove Sr Center, Gainsville, where I forgot my briefcase with my laptop, for soundtracks, and music book.  Thankfully, Bro. Keyes loaned us his laptop and downloaded 2 of our soundtrack CDs for us to sing with. Whew. We ministered at Oak Dale Baptist, Newberry, on the 24th. In the PM service, Pastor Taylor put the words to our songs on the overhead screen so the audience could have a sing-a-long with us. What a blessed time!  On the 26th, we ministered at the Atrium, Gainsville, a Sr assist living center. Then, finished the month at Graceway Baptist, Pensacola, on the 31st. Pastor Mullins is also a long time friend. We were able to spend some time with friends Bro. Dale and Terrie Strawn who moved there from Llano, TX. 2 years ago. And met the new Pastor of Lawton St. Baptist. We will be with him in December.

    Now we’re in April and back in Texas where we started the month at Bible Baptist, Coleman, on the 7th. We hadn’t been there in 10 years. It was a sweet reunion in the Lord. On the 10th, we visited Harvest Baptist, San Angelo and met their new Pastor.  Prayerfully, be with them next year. The rest of this month is still ahead of us and in the Lords’ hands. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to travel in this ministry to encourage our churches through preaching and singing.  We pray for Gods’ will and blessings and love you all in Christ. 


     DR. & Mrs. Crow